Our Mission

At Creative Group Economics, we believe that breaking out of poverty begins with spending your own dollars in your own community. Our goal is to change the mindsets of our people, and be the kinds of leaders that we hope to be and an echo the morals required to take on our communities biggest problems. It starts by standing with those who support you, listening to voices unheard, and recognizing potential where others see despair.  “It demands investing as a means, not an end, daring to go where markets have failed and aid has fallen short.” It makes our capital work for us, not control us. It prospers on imagination, the humility to see the world as it is, and the courageousness to imagine the world as it could be.  It’s having the motivation to learn at the edge, the wisdom to admit failure, and the audacity to start again. Its leadership that rejects complacency, breaks through system, and challenges corruption.

“Doing what’s right, not what’s easy.”

Community Service



creating small business opportunities 

We are a black owned company focused on the state of our small businesses, we are creating opportunities for black owned small businesses can find contract work opportunities currently located in Houston, TX and surrounded areas. If you are a black owned small business looking for growth and opportunity you have just found it. We are searching for businesses in the following areas:



Landscaping ~General Installation ~Transportation~Food Preparation~Utilities~Investing~Youth Mentor-Ship~General Maintenance~IT/ Web Design/ Consulting~Computer (Hardware/Software)~Janitorial/ Cleaning~Education (Training)~Fencing~Plumbing~Electrical~Photography ~Insurance (Personal/Business)~Lease/ Rental ~Professional/ Management~Promotion/ AD Service/ Printing ~Research/ Marketing / Analysis