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Hope Day!!!

  • 3000 Jensen dr Houston, Texas 77026 (map)

Our Vision, Mission, and Purpose

Vision for Hope 4 Houston:
H4H intends to transform and advance the local African American population into a more empowered, self-sufficient, knowledgeable, and unified community by way of motivating economic empowerment and fostering educational progression.

Purpose for Hope 4 Houston:
In response to the racial, educational, and economical segregation of mainstream America, H4H aims to create a future where those of African descent are 100% self-sufficient and culturally, educationally, and fiscally independent.

Mission for Hope 4 Houston:
Hope 4 Houston’s mission is to enhance and elevate the African American community.

We will enhance the education of our community by teaching and mentoring the youth and re-educating our adult population in areas of finance, government, and culture.

We will elevate entrepreneurship by promoting the black owned business and their owners, and stimulate the creation of additional black owned businesses.

We will enhance and elevate our community’s sense of self-empowerment by revealing the power they possess to affect change.