Despite the United States being one of the wealthiest countries in the world, it ranks nearly at the bottom on key health indicators such as infant mortality and life expectancy. For Black people, there have always been barriers to equal opportunity. These barriers include: unemployment/ job security, access to health and wellness, health care system discriminatory practices as well as,  a lack of healthy nutritional choices and opportunities for children. The major consequences of these discriminatory practices are childhood/ adult chronic diseases, quality of diagnosis and treatment, and loss of Economic and Human Capital. Only 53 percent of Black people get insurance through work as compared to 72 percent of white people. We have slowly seen healthcare options in our communities depart and are substituted with selective programs that are just a band-aid to a bigger problem. “Despite the passage of the Social Security Administration Act, which created Medicare and Medicaid, and the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s (PPACA or ACA) Medicaid expansion, health disparities continue to persist among people of color. Communities historically deprived of resources have experienced worse health outcomes due to discriminatory and racist policies that limit the ability of people of color to achieve optimal health.” We must support more healthy food choices in our communities and limit the number of liquor stores, harmful/outdated corner store food and all other known harmful businesses.  These things are already being done in other communities to limit the number of liquor stores so, we must push our representatives to not sell out to big business corporations to serve our communities.