why become a member?


Creative Group Economics was founded on the idea of black people using our own dollars to invest and promote change in our communities. We have the philosophy of 600 people giving just $20 equals $12,000 a month, how many opportunities can we cultivate with that revenue stream? We believe solving our community’s issues starts with being able to circulate our hard earned dollars with individuals that share your values, your heritage, and most importantly want to see a historic change in the black community.

C.G.E stands for giving the driving force of our community the black-owned business a platform to reach the community it serves while giving back to it, and being the types of examples to educate our youth. For a long time, we have had resources for a better education, but we want to be the motivation our people look into investing their time and energy in entrepreneurship.



Members of Creative Group Economics gives ($20)/month contribution that goes towards black business development by providing them with a free advertising platform that can be accessed via website or mobile app on Android & IOS.  Contributions also help provide supplies and material for our mentorship classes to assist individuals aspiring to be entrepreneurs, parents looking to assist their children in their education, students aspiring to be the best possible version of themselves, and community engagement when it comes to National Disasters like the most recent Hurricane Harvey. Contributing members also receive free website support for their existing or new businesses, free photography for personal or business purposes, and unique business investment opportunities.




C.G.E Business Membership ($30)/month is for black owned businesses that will get weekly updates for on our "Creative Group Economics" mobile app available on Android & IOS platforms. The business membership includes free website support, Bi-weekly profile updates for sales & promotions, they will also quality to have their business events added to the app event calendar so users would be able to add them to their mobile phones for easy reminders.