The Black community has been mis-educated, mistreated, and abused by the educational system.  We must make changes on how our schools are funded because, the current system heavily depends on standardized tests.  Most of our schools do not have the proper resources to pass, subsequently resulting in the closure of our Black public schools.  Our public school curriculum’s have suppressed or left the history of Black people untold, “the insufficient recognition in the present day of the influence of the baggage of the past, which necessitates specific institutions and programs tailored to the situation of Black people.” Our programs also lack skilled training and entrepreneurial training to fit today’s job market.  We recognize that it is a war on our public school system by promoting Charter school systems that receive public school money but do not abide by all of the public school standards; for example, the standard of certified teachers for our kids.  All of these issues amongst others result in the school to prison pipeline that we see everyday in our schools. While Black students’ educational attainment is often the topic of various policy initiatives, the voices within their community are not often integrated in a meaningful way.  Many times our tax dollars have been used to serve the needs of education, but often falls short to properly educating our youth as well as our adults.  For example, Houston Community College (HCC) uses community tax dollars in order to build affordable educational choices but lack the necessary curriculum to help the students compete in today’s society.  We must begin to educate ourselves and our youth outside of the public indoctrination process and search alternative methods of education.