Our Team





A devoted Houston native received a B.B.A in management information systems at Prairie View A&M University. Currently working as an IT Manager, he assures customer satisfaction and is passionate about community and economic growth of others.

Lloyd is a technically skilled, educated professional that brings progressive and practical knowledge in Information Technology.  As a proactive team player with proven leadership skills, Lloyd has the ability to develop and inspire others through his leadership and dedication.

In his spare time, serving the community by feeding the homeless, and have volunteered for programs such as Meals on Wheels. Through his countless efforts and persistent drive, Lloyd believes in promoting positive community and economic growth in the Houston community for all.

“There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance next time.” 


 Jamail Lavan 

Jamail Lavan 




Jamail went to school at Prairie View A&M University where he received a M.S in Computer Science and a B.S in Civil Engineering. While in college, he started an LLC entitled The Crew Health and Fitness, the business is noted for numerous accomplishments and awards and serves today as a philanthropy for the elderly and inner city youth.

Jamail now serves as a computer scientist and most recent research was with the Air Force Research Laboratory at Griffiss Institute. The purpose of the research was to conduct an evaluation of Apache Cassandra as applicable backend storage for Resource Description Framework(RDF) data. In addition, benchmark against other Sematic Web Knowledge Base systems in respect to large applications in High Performance Computing.  Jamail works hard and is passionate and dedicated in his philanthropy work.


 Kasee C. Brown 

Kasee C. Brown 




Kasee moved to Houston after graduating from Prairie View A&M University. There he studied Psychology and Social Work before becoming an Inclusion Specialist within the Houston Independent School District. Passionate about the future of our youth , this was a natural fit. With the encouragement from his students ,

Kasee started the Rucker Express Journalism Club in 2016. Members are given opportunities to speak with individuals that have to power to makes changes not only in their schools but within their communities as well. In his free time , Kasee enjoys traveling with his wife Chasmine. He also started his own photography business and hopes to one day use his platform to foster creativity and expression within the youth of our communities.



Our principles

  • Serve People. Improve the health of people living in high-need areas by strengthening fragile health systems and increasing access to quality health care.

  • Lift from the Bottom, Pull from the Top. Focus on serving the most medically under served communities, working with local businesses, greatest thinkers, and best institutions.

  • Build Upon What Exists. Identify, qualify, and support existing residents over the long term and serve as a catalyst for other resources.

  • Remove Barriers. Create transparent, reliable, and cost-effective channels to enable under served communities access to essential resources (particularly medicines, supplies, and equipment).

  • Play to Strengths. Partner for Other Needs. Engage in activities that address a compelling need and align with our core competencies and areas of excellence. Ally with an expanded network of strategic partners who are working on related causes and complementary interventions in order to leverage resources.

  • Ensure Value for Money. Generate efficiency, leverage resources, and maximize improvement for people with every dollar spent. Maintain modest fundraising expenses.

  • Be a Good Partner and Advocate. Give credit where due, listen carefully, and respect those served and those contributing resources.

  • Respond Fast While Looking Ahead. In emergencies, support the immediate needs of survivors by working with local partners best situated to assess, respond, and prepare for the recovery.

  • Aim high. Combine the best of business, technology, and public policy approaches for the benefit of people in need.